Motion Graphics

Soluis Studios

Through Soluis | Studios we offer our clients and their stakeholders cutting-edge design visualisation and digital communication services. These include everything from traditional CG imagery and animation - through to the advanced motion graphics and video composition techniques. Using our vast in-house resources & experience, we have created images, graphics and film for some of the UK’s most prestigious projects and businesses, and for a diverse roster of clients and around the world.

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Soluis Interact

Soluis | Interact is a specialised division of the Soluis Group which connects with the work of Soluis Studios to deliver fully immersive interactive environments. These environments are delivered across a range of platforms, providing our clients with the ability to publish and present interactive content using a variety of easily accessible devices and interfaces. Our development teams have pioneered the use of familiar interfaces for delivering accessible, professional quality presentations using the leading commercial games engines. We have achieved this deploying engagement media such as games controllers, smartphones, tablets, multi-touch surfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, ‘fulldome’ installations and 3D motion control.

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Real Time


Soluis Apps

Soluis | Apps represents the core development capability in the Soluis Group and boasts a diverse team of experienced programmers, database specialists, web developers and interface designers. Through the work of this dedicated division we create both custom and consumer applications for mobile across a number of markets. Our development teams are able to create complex functionality, that addresses specific technical challenges across a wide range of current consumer and professional operating platforms. In addition to our own publicly available apps, we have created numerous bespoke apps for our clients. These have been used for client presentations, bid submissions, marketing portals and essential practical tools in support of our client’s key operational activities - and more!