The British Museum

CGI, Film, AR, VR

We were asked to provide a unique interactive experience focusing on the Bronze Age at a dedicated weekend event sponsored by the SDDC [Samsung Digital Discovery Centre] at the British Museum. This involved providing the digital recreation of a Bronze Age roundhouse with various artefacts. Visitors were able to experience this via the immersive reality dome or one of the many Samsung Gear VR headsets that were available.

The museum received excellent publicity and press coverage around this innovative use of digital technology to enhance the experience visitors have when exploring the nations’ heritage. The feedback from visitors was particularly positive and has since provided the basis upon which to base planning for a series of similar events that build upon this success.

“We decided to start working with Soluis as we were really impressed with their work, and they’ve created a virtual bronze age round house … it’s amazing! … having been in the Great Court all weekend, talking to visitors and seeing their excitement at engaging with this experience, we’re delighted with what we’ve created, and how much our visitors have enjoyed it! “

Lizzie Edwards – Education Manager