AR, apps

The requirement was to provide an accessible digital platform that would enhance the promotion of commercial space to potential tenants of a refurbishment in Edinburgh. There was initially a launch event where maximising engagement with the executive-level audience was a key objective, and thereafter the intention was to increase reach by issuing a mobile application that would facilitate interaction with the promotional brochure.

“On behalf of clients, JLL were asked to promote a Grade A office development at 40 Torphichen St and one of the challenges faced was to provide potential tenants and clients with a better understanding of how they could best utilise the large generous office floorplates to fit the varied needs and functionality requirments specific to their business. This was particularly challenging during the refurbishment works. By engaging with PropTech and visualisation agency Soluis, we were able to create an AR (Augmented Reality) 360 presentation and a 40TS app that presented potential occupiers visiting 40 Torphichen St with an onsite overlaid AR visualisation of various interior design layouts illustrating options. This allowed potential occupiers to see how the floorplates could be laid out to include everything from open plan configurations, potential locations for meeting rooms and break out spaces and illustrate funky designs to attract creative agencies and tech firms.


The team at JLL found the 40TS app to be an invaluable aid to marketing, promotion and discussions around the building. Soluis produced a well thought out app with a slick on brand design that seamlessly integrated all the various media that we needed to conduct meaningful conversations. The platform our clients, JLL and Soluis have developed for this scheme sets a benchmark for future engagement and we would happily recommend Soluis as the ideal partner for delivering cutting edge solutions in AR and VR presentations, visualisations and applications for the property industry.”

Craig Watson, Director JLL