St Peter’s Seminary – near the town of Cardross, about an hour from Soluis HQ in Glasgow – is a building of world renown for architects, designers and the general public alike.

St Peter 's _WIP_02

(Image Source: Soluis 2015 SPS Model)

Created by Scottish Architects Gillespie Kidd & Coia, it is considered by many to be a masterpiece of Modernism & Brutalism, nestled away out of sight on the banks of the Firth of Clyde.

But it’s a building that has been slowly decaying since being abandoned in the late 1980s, and has now reached a critical stage in the condition of its basic structure and fabric if it is to be prevented from becoming a masterpiece of the past.

GK&C_St _Peter 's _chapel
(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Soluis and St Peter’s:

Our history with St Peter’s Seminary goes back to 2004, when we first produced a set of images detailing how some of the interiors looked when complete. These were featured widely across news and industry media at the time:

(Image Source: Soluis, 2004)

Bringing St Peter’s Back to Life:

In light of ongoing efforts to secure the building’s future as both an academic and living resource for generations of designers, artists and visitors to come, Soluis has been applying our skills in generating beautiful 3D modelled content to the site…

(Image Source: Soluis, 2015)

Using existing sketches, available design information, contemporary imagery and the latest games engine technology from Unreal, we are creating a complete, fully rendered and photo-realistic model of St Peter’s that will allow users to explore the seminary as it looked on completion, and in real-time.

(Image Source: Soluis, 2015)

Unlike a traditional animation, applying gaming methodologies to the site will allow viewers to choose where they go and what they look at. As we develop the model, we will also publish it to various engagement media – from apps on common consumer devices, to online, to touchscreens, and right up to the immersive Soluis|Dome installations we will be launching later this year.

St Peter’s Seminary 2015 Project: Trailer

What next?

Early 2015 has seen Soluis develop this model into a rich, nuanced, and immersive interactive resource for architects, academics, students, designers, engineers – and everyone else with an interest in this significant piece of post-war Scottish architecture.

There are many potential applications for such a 3D resource, particularly considering the ongoing fragility of the site and that most with an interest in the building may never actually visit in person. Soluis’s work in creating an evolving, accessible and accurate 3D environment will allow everyone who wants to experience St Peter’s to do so both as it was, and as it is.

In 2012 environmental art organisation NVA were awarded a grant towards their plan of combining partial restoration, consolidation and new design, to create unique performance and exhibition spaces and establish a place for public art and knowledge exchange in the 21st century.

Now, together with NVA, we are both keen to see these buildings restored fully in the virtual world, and given a new lease of life in the real world. We anticipate that a publicly available version of the model will be available soon, with a number of installation-based and research focussed engagement iterations being produced through the early summer of 2015.

We are naturally very excited about using our significant expertise in heritage visualisation to bring this historic building back to reality, watch this space for more info…

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