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rebuilding history

Soluis Heritage is the dedicated museum and historic division within Soluis.
Soluis Heritage is a recognised innovator in illustrating and preserving heritage assets and in enabling access to digital experiences and content for audiences of all kinds.


Our experienced team present heritage architecture, digital preservation, and digital interpretation through a range of innovative presentation techniques, helping you tell your story. We have developed an informed and nuanced understanding of both our subject matter and the latest visualisation and digital methodologies.

As a part of the wider Soluis Group, we offer an integrated set of skills and expertise in harnessing new virtual and augmented reality technologies, CGI and animation to name a few, bridging the gap between heritage data and the user.

Let’s bring history to life.


Soluis Heritage offers a range of services tailored to each client’s needs, making each project unique whilst delivering an unparalelled level of servcie.

Rock Art 

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