40 Torphichen Street

Integrated AR Sales Application


Triuva required an accessible digital platform that would enhance the promotion of commercial space to potential tenants of a £6m refurbishment in Edinburgh. 

There was initially a launch event, where maximising engagement with the executive-level audience was a key objective, and thereafter the intention was to increase reach by issuing a mobile application that would facilitate interaction with the promotional brochure. 


In collaboration with the client’s marketing team and their stakeholders, we incorporated the scheme’s brand guidelines into a professionally designed mobile app. 

In parallel to this, our creative team worked with the appointed interior design firm to develop a series of interactive visual models of the internal floor space. 

The design of the app was shared and approved early in the process, such that our team had time to work on developing aspects of the user experience and visual layout. As well as providing clear contextual information on the development — the key function was the inclusion of an augmented reality activated 3D floor layout that is triggered from various 2D plans of the building interior. 

With the digital 3D floor layout activated, it is then possible to use the mobile device to select key points and use the immersive first-person viewing mode to look around each potential interior configuration. 


 The use of the apps to visualise the scheme during the launch party was very effective and generated substantial feedback,  featuring heavily in the event press coverage. 

The response to the app and brochure has been equally positive in spreading awareness of this opportunity and driving sales enquiries. 

 ‘Our team have found the 40TS app to be an invaluable aid to our marketing and discussions for this building. 

The team at Soluis came up with a slick design for the app that seamlessly integrated all the various media that we needed to conduct meaningful conversations. 

In particular, the augmented reality function provides us with the ability to show different floor configurations and are a great way to explain the context of the integrated 360° CG views. 

The platform we have developed for this scheme sets a benchmark for future engagement and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Soluis as the ideal partner having delivered to the required levels of quality across every aspect of our app.’

Craig Watson