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Barclays - New Glasgow Campus Staff Engagement

Glasgow Campus Virtual Experience


Barclays are doubling their workforce in Glasgow to 5,000 staff and are relocating 2,500 existing staff to aworld-classn ew campus on the banks of the River Clyde.

The leadership team at Barclays wanted a cutting-edge visual engagement solution that would inform & reassure employeesabout their new working environments while also helping to recruit new staff. The aim was to provide the clearest possible representation of the campus and the high quality design specification of the many different interior spaces.


Following an initial assessment of requirements, Soluis devised an immersive user experience to take Barclays staff and project stakeholders on a memorable and engaging journey through their new campus.

This involved producing a series of detailed Real-time environments for the main internal s paces in each building, working closely with the architects and interior designers to accurately portray the intended vision. These environments were used initially to produce traditional forms of visual media – but were then also used as the basis of full-scale interactive virtual tours.

We provided options for group viewing, and the decision was made to purchase one of the portable Reality Portal™ units, which i s being deployed in different locations to enable the many hundreds of viewers to experience what life in the Glasgow campus will be like in years to come.


The range of visual engagement material has been positively received by all staff that have had access to it to date at a major company event and in group review sessions where users have had a shared immersion experience in the Reality Portal™.

During these sessions, teams have been taken on a tour of their new workplace with the ability to move freely around the environments and get familiarised with everything from access points to a wide range of facilities including meeting spaces and even the toilets.

The amazing views out of the building to the surrounding Glasgow cityscape and adjacent River Clyde have been accurately captured with 360 photography to ensure that every last detail is a faithful ‘virtual’ recreation of the future reality of this stunning landmark development.


“Soluis group provided some spectacular technology that brought those experiences to life.”
– Vice President, Employee Communications