Caledonian Sleeper

Immersive Audience Engagement Package


The Caledonian Sleeper required innovative and interactive visualisation media to help illustrate their new trains, whilst marketing the advanced nature of the improved sleeper experience they will offer. 


Using Unreal Engine, we created a real-time, navigable interactive model of the new ‘Journey of a Night Time’ trains and guest experience. This allowed us to deliver a suite of visualisation media that the Sleeper team are now using for wide reaching marketing and audience engagement.

The high quality of the visualisation output from Unreal Engine enabled rapid creation of a promotional fly-though animation of the new trains, showcasing the exciting new Sleeper product.

As well as the animation, traditional CGI stills were generated from the Unreal environment, delivering high-quality imagery for promotional use before the launch. 

We also developed a bespoke AR app that launches the Sleeper content from business cards. This included 360-degree views from the inside of carriages and an AR overlay that brings the card to life. 

The real-time, games engine approach taken for the project also means that each of the environments can be explored in VR on an Oculus Rift headset. This allows users to become immersed in the new surroundings and fully experience the Sleeper trains before launch.


With the success of the first animation, we developed the idea further so it could be shown in our immersive Reality Portal at the Sleeper’s pre-launch events to gain excitement and introduce the public to the new trains.

The content and the diversity of output the ‘real-time’ development approach gave us has been very well received, and has proved to be invaluable to the Sleeper team in presenting the new trains product.

 ‘Huge thanks to you and the team on this. We’re getting brilliant feedback from everyone, which isn’t a surprise to us, but I don’t think many people realised just how good this was going to look. It’s certainly making the whole project very real!’ 

Caledonian Sleeper