Crowne Plaza



IHG have been undergoing a detailed design process with Conran & Partners as the lead designers to revamp their Crowne Plaza hotels. This process has involved several design iterations to reach the final solution that is now being unveiled at a series of events and to be rolled out initially in a small number of pilot hotels.

Soluis were engaged initially to produce high quality fly-through animations of the design for the lobby and public spaces at ground level. IHG were keen from the outset to utilise immersive technology to showcase these designs and use it to road-test them with stakeholders and operators.

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Our second phase of work on the Crowne Plaza Concept Design Project shifted from a traditional CG production workflow to a real-time production work-flow. This has enabled us to develop a highly interactive and immersive real-time environment for all the ground floor public areas and two variants of the standard hotel guest rooms. The model can be viewed in desktop mode for a standard screen display and with the use of an Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE VR head-set and navigated intuitively with the hand held controllers.

The additional benefit for IHG has been the highly flexible and efficient process that now enables them to call off high quality images, 4K video and 360 panoramas directly fromthe real-time model whenever it’s required. This digital media can be generated at a comparable level of visual quality to the original CG animation, but in a fraction of the time and cost as there is no need to render the animation frames and images.


Feedback from IHG, Conran & Partners and all stakeholders who have experienced the VR real-time model of the proposed designs has been resoundingly positive and this approach to visualising the designs of their latest hotels will be rolled out more widely in the future.

Thank you all for your support, diligence and professionalism in delivering this work. We are truly proud of what we have managed to achieve and look forward to sharing this with our colleagues next week in Berlin.