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District 2020

Unveiling The Vision at Cityscape Global Event


Soluis Group was appointed by Dubai Expo 2020 to deliver the vision for District 2020 – the legacy phase for Dubai’s new innovation district. As part of a wider project to deliver this vision through a series of visual media and build a sitewide virtual environment, it was decided that the initial unveiling would take place at Cityscape Global Event in Dubai. Creating an immersive, informative and engaging experience was key for this event in order to communicate key themes, areas and opportunities for prospective tenants, residents and visitors.


A series of creative workshops took place with the District 2020 team, including the architectural and real estate teams, to establish the most effective approach and accurately represent the vision for the new district. For the initial stage of the project at the Cityscape Global event it was determined that a series of immersive virtual journeys in the Soluis Reality Portal™ would be the most compelling and informative approach, immediately allowing visitors to to experience the future on offer at District 2020.

Soluis utilised an extensive series of federated data models from the technical side of the project to prepare a centralised visual engagement model that was then used to develop a series of richly detailed environments that would support the production of a wide range of media.

The creative team at Soluis was tasked with bringing this development into sharp focus with a fast-paced production process. The studio worked tirelessly to embed every aspect of the project team’s vision and core messages, while working at speed and an inclusive, iterative process.


The final media presented in the Reality Portal™ was a stunning rendition of proposed spaces in 4K that put the future inhabitants of the scheme at the heart of every journey. With the richness of each environment – both exterior and interior spaces – in place, the experience is completed by using a system that offers a level of immersive viewing that is accurate and capable of conveying scale.

Addressing the various visitors at the event, including several VIP guests, there were three specific journeys on show to present key themes for visitors, commercial and residential audiences.

Additionally, Soluis adapted further media from the produced environment to provide additional interactivity on the event stand – a cycling tour of the key outdoor areas for the area. A 180° wrapped version of the content was created to run across various screens as part of a bike set-up for visitors to race each other.