Marketing CGI



Fish Island is Hill’s new development in Stratford, London featuring a range apartment types with multi-purpose creative space for rent on the ground floor.

The development required a series of CG images to represent and promote the new residential and commercial spaces whilst conveying life and atmosphere within the future development.


Working with the client, architect and interior designer we established a direction on style that would best suit and reflect this location.

We also organised an extensive photography shoot of the site from the ground and to capture aerial views using high resolution drone cameras.

This helped us understand the urban landscape in more detail and allowed us to methodically work through the optimum selection of viewpoint options with the marketing team at Hill.

Through our iterative production process we were able to share early working versions of each image to ensure input from both the designers and marketing team could be incorporated early – and all parties made extensive use of our online review tool to ensure all comments were agreed and addressed in a timely manner.

After several iterations the full suite of marketing images – covering both detailed interiors and exteriors – were produced to provide a comprehensive visual representation of the development and the quality of apartments on offer.


The images were used throughout Hill’s online and print marketing to help the local community and buyers envisage the quality and ambition of the scheme.

The produced views have helped generated interest in the commercial and residential opportunities and have been directly attributed to some of the initial sales that had occurred prior to completion of the building works.

“We were really pleased with the quality of output produced for Fish Island Village, with the dusk shot of the apartment being one of our favourites.

Our previous project had been our first collaboration with Soluis, and based on the quality achieved on this – there was no question of us working with anyone else on this scheme.

The views are being used across our online and print marketing and really help the local community envisage the quality and ambition of the scheme.

The immediate success we’ve seen with these views and the impact they have had in demonstrating the character & creativity of the area, with feedback confirming the levels of excitement around the development.’