Plus Tap Range: Augmented Reality App


Grohe was looking to utilise the latest immersive technology to provide its sales staff at events and presentations with a high-quality mobile experience to engage with customers and promote the features of the Plus Tap range. The iPad Pro was chosen as the host device for its best-in-class processing power and graphics handling capabilities, which was important to ensure delivery of the best user experience with real-time gaming technology.


Soluis developed a fully navigable virtual bathroom environment using the Unity games engine where users could move around the suite with the touch-screen controls and view the range of Plus Tap products in situ.

The application also includes an Augmented Reality function which allows high quality digital models of the various taps in the range to be viewed in isolation and placed on to any surface. This gives users the freedom to view the range of taps in a real-world context – i.e. their own kitchen or bathroom – and use the in-built selector to try different model types.


Feedback from Grohe has been very positive for this approach of presenting its products in a digital format as it offers much greater freedom on where demos and presentations can be conducted, and without the need to have the actual hardware to hand. The app can easily be distributed to Grohe sales staff anywhere and can be adapted for a publicly available version in the future.


‘The collaboration with Soluis on the GROHE VR/AR technology projects is a step toward the exciting future of highly immersive digital brand experiences.

The knowledge and technical capabilities of Soluis platforms demonstrate how a virtual demonstration and product presentation can be useful to convey a brand experience without the need or investment of a fully built showroom.

Soluis offers a platform with a powerful brand demonstration tool for sales teams replacing static images with dynamic and highly experiential virtual environments. This project has been an absolute success and we will continue to explore future implications for this technology within my organization.’
Vice President of Design at Grohe AG