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HKS - Team Vitality

An iterative design collaboration for an innovative esports headquarters


In 2020 HKS partnered with French esports organization, Team Vitality, to design its Paris headquarters. The vision for V.Hive was to develop a cutting-edge pro-player training facility, a base of operations for Team Vitality and a community hub for esports fans.

Soluis worked with HKS and Team Vitality to bring to life the combination of technology, retail, fashion, food and beverage to create a space with the look and feel of an inclusive neighbourhood hangout, rather than a facility devoted solely to competitive gaming.


To communicate the innovative and ambitious new headquarters, Soluis worked closely with HKS, collaborating on the engagement process throughout the design phase. This offered flexibility as plans evolved and the production of high-quality media to support design decisions and engagements with stakeholders.

The initial phase of delivery saw a selection of imagery and videos of the new spaces, focussing on community aspects of this hub. As the design phase progressed, Soluis crafted a series of marketing and promotional videos that allowed both HKS and Team Vitality to give snapshots of the space before launch.


The media produced throughout the design and the promotional phases of the project gave HKS an engaging and high-quality way of presenting the new concept to all stakeholders involved. The project was successful in conveying the design and atmosphere of each space, to both internal stakeholders, and also to press and through social content.


“Soluis was selected to work on our first esports, gaming & technology venue because of them understanding the value of various media types over the life cycle of the project. They worked well with our team in interpreting the early design concepts and exploring the various configurations of the space. This led to us producing a detailed series of images and short video presentations that helped make an impact in presenting the proposals to the client. In a more regular ‘traditional’ sports project, understanding the look and feel of a space would be expected from prior experience – however, with this being the first public venue for an Esports Team in Europe, we had to push harder to visualise ideas earlier – Soluis were a big help in understanding this process.”

– Design Strategy Lead