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Lusail Stadium VR

A Global Digital Media Launch


Working in partnership with leading sports agency Wasserman, Soluis was commissioned to develop an immersive visualisation experience for the launch of the design for Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

The 80,000 capacity Lusail stadium will host the opening & closing ceremonies of the 2022 World Cup and aims to be the most technologically advanced across all aspects of design and user experience.

To reflect the stadiums futuristic nature, we provided the highest quality digital media assets to help inform viewers of the unique design and fan experience of this show-piece stadium.


Lusail’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, who are the organisers of the 2022 World Cup, wanted to ensure that people could get the truest sense of a match day experience at Lusail stadium therefore, that could also be shared widely to a large audeince to achieve this.

Soluis developed a digital media experience taking viewers on an immersive journey through the new stadium during a match day at the World Cup.

Using a mix of motion graphics, animation and virtual reality environments of the new stadium, Soluis created an experience that could be shared globally.


A 360 degree film, animation and VR headset based set of digital media was developed allowing users to follow the journey through the new stadium and view information about the facilities and cutting edge technology that  will be used throughout the spaces, to make it the most technologically advanced stadium ever built.


The experience was launched at the unveiling ceremony for Lusail stadium where delegates including high ranking government and FIFA officials were present. The experience was received very well by all those that took part.

The 360 film has now been made publicly available across multiple mobile platforms to reach a global audience with an interest in the 2022 World Cup, and has received over 2.5 million views on YouTube alone.


‘Really large thanks to all the team at Soluis for going way above and beyond to make this happen. We are incredibly grateful to you all for making it possible to get it across the line.’

Senior Vice President