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Manchester City FC Tunnel Club

Launch Media & Interactive VR Event Package


 Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) were looking to prepare a suite of digital media that could be used to bring their ambitious plans for their cutting-edge hospitality setting to life. 

This was to provide flexibility to address a number of potential direct prospect engagements as well as enable a series of subsequent press releases. The initial timeframe was determined by the first round of meetings held at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2016. 


Working closely with the design agency that prepared the brand concept and interior design input, we initiated development of a detailed Virtual Reality environment whilst our creative team developed the concepts and narrative for the film. 

The Virtual Reality environment was produced to an unparalleled level of photorealism that enabled the computer- generated images and animation sequences for the film to be processed within the time-frame. The final environment was prepared for use on Oculus Rift headsets with a range of interactive functionality included. 


We also produced an iPad app that was used to consolidate all of the digital media—primarily the complete set of CG images and the film— and this also included a series of immersive 360° views of specific key viewpoints.

This was utilised during the production process to improve the ease of reviewing regular updates as well as forming one of the key deliverables. 



 The initial response from the first event and a preview with the club board was extremely positive. The film and images were then released via several UK media outlets. 

We are currently updating the media to reflect the latest design and preparing brand variants for specific clients.

 ‘Your effort on this is really appreciated! The images and film went out as part of a press release which is having the desired effect. The VR and Sales App are both big hits at this stage. The prefect tools for the Sales team to work with. Thank you.’