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Architecture Design Scotland and Scottish Government


The Scottish Government commissioned a national exhibit to represent Scotland at the 2016 Venice Biennale festival. The response from the dynamic design collective appointed was ‘Prospect North’ – an exhibit that focusses on Scotland’s past present and future.

The initial intention was to deliver these narratives using a unique, undulating timber sculpture representing a map of Scotland and the Arctic Circle from the top down, and designed specifically for the stunning former convent in which the exhibit is hosted.



Through an excellent working relationship with Lateral North we were able to develop several unique AR and VR components for the exhibit. All of these components have focussed on adding a memorable, highly engaging digital layer to the audience experience using state-of- the-art technology – juxtaposed with the simple, beautiful formic nature of the structures involved and their medieval building context.

Crucially, AR and VR content allows us to tie back and ‘transport’ the viewer to Scotland from Venice, using the physicality of the sculptural components to act as direct triggers for video and graphical content: This content then allows Scotland and its communities to tell their own stories.

The final exhibit consisted of an augmented sculpture, augmented artwork, augmented plinths and multiple VR experiences.


The launch of the exhibit has been deemed a veritable success with wide acclaim from the design, construction, and mainstream press.

The feedback has been exceptional from early festival attendees and this is expected to continue for the entire duration of the event.



“Was so great and we have been getting such a great response. Unbelievable. The 360 experience and augmented window, in particular, are going down an absolute storm. Yesterday we had an MP in and he was absolutely loving it.”

Andy Behan – Designer at Lateral North

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