Tottenham Hotspur Football Club


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club wanted to provide a unique and exciting presentation of the new stadium that would reflect their ambitions, innovation and quality of experience. We were tasked to deliver a fully integrated virtual reality marketing suite to promote the stadium and its extensive range of premium suites, loges, lounges and seats to suit all styles and preferences.


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It was decided that the centrepiece of the suite, would be our Reality Portal presenting the full immersive ‘scene setter’ when entering the suite, with a blend of motion graphics, real-time sequences, computer-generated (CG) animation and stereo sound to bring the story to life, raising excitement levels and anticipation.

By putting the digital designs into the portal, VR headsets and apps it allowed users to explore all areas of the stadium and fully visualise a piece of the future.

To support the use of our cutting-edge real-time environments we developed a custom app that enabled all of the different spaces. This offers an interface that is easy for club sales staff to operate with visitors to the suite, without the need for technical knowledge and on-site engineers. Instead of using traditional models of the stadium, we decided to bring the stadium story to life and created a series of augmented reality applications.


In January 2017, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s marketing suite launched to VIP and press with exclusive previews of the newly completed virtual reality suite. The response to the suite was extremely positive from visitors, players and the media.The suite is now being used to showcase the new stadium to those looking to reserve premium suites, lounges and seats, ready for the season in 2018.
Our SPVRS marketing suite has been a great success -the reaction we have had from visitors to the suite has been brilliant and it has proved to be the perfect way to showcase the premium offerings in our new stadium. Soluis delivered on our vision to bring our new stadium to life using cutting-edge AR and VR technology. The creativity of the various teams behind the technology has been second to none, and we were particularly impressed with their ability to guide us through the project with their expertise and quickly turn around fantastically realistic and immersive visuals for the interiors and overall stadium experience.

Head of Marketing