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Immersive Digital Media & Interactive VR Marketing


 Workspace provide stylish, functional co-working spaces around London and required several packages of marketing media to enable promotion of four of their newest locations around the city. 

Our task was to produce a series of richly detailed environments that would reflect the design and character of each space. We were asked to produce a series of different media outputs to support the launch of each site, which included traditional CGI, interactive 360° views and animation. 


 Working closely with Workplace’s interior designers, we set about developing a highly realistic set of model environments. 

Using the early iterations of these spaces, we were able to plan and share the proposed viewpoints for the static & interactive CG views to ensure an early agreement was reached on these. 

We were also able to quickly generate a series of preview camera sequences for the film which ensured we could prepare the video at the same ime as the other media.

With all of these elements being derived from the same visual models, we were able to adapt to several late changes in the design without it impacting the delivery schedule.


 In each case, a full suite of digital media was provided that captured the design detail for each of the represented areas. This extensive range of visual material was initially used on the Workspace website to promote each development well in advance of their launch. 

We were also able to provide a fully interactive Virtual Reality tour for the later developments in this set, due to the fact that the base environments had been generated using Unreal Engine. 

 ‘Working with the team at Soluis has been a great experience and provided the opportunity to assess how we continue to improve the ways in which we connect with our customers. 

Alongside the range of CG views and accompanying film presentations, Soluis produced interactive 360 media tours that have proven to be a valuable step towards integrating interactive media with our online marketing.’