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The latest innovative technology & hardware supporting enhanced visual engagement and design collaboration.


Experiences are better when they are shared. With access to the latest technology we allow groups of people to simultaneously experience a virtual environment, without the need for headsets. It’s a social, enveloping experience that can be cinematic or interactive – so it’s ideal for engagement, co-design, education and simulation. Whilst there is often a place for traditional VR, it is a solitary experience. It requires a headset that isolates us from our environment, often making us feel self-conscious and unnatural in group situations.

With our Shared Immersion solution, there is no barrier between the person and the experience, or with other people. We have developed a product range of “Portals” that provide an immersive environment for up to 40 people at a time.


Our Reality Portal ™ offers the ultimate collaborative review and presentation experience. Discussion and consensus require a shared understanding, and we enable groups to view and engage with immersive digital content in a more natural, social way.

Content can be cinematic, interactive or both; and caters for film, technical data or realistic virtual environments.

Let us help you accelerate the time to understanding with your audiences, and improve decision making by offering unparalleled clarity for your vision.

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