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We speak to Craig Watson, Director at JLL and Mike Irvine at Montagu Evans about our work on 40 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh. 

“Just over a year ago, JLL & Montagu Evans were planning the launch of 40 TS in Edinburgh and decided to review some of the alternatives for promoting the opportunity to potential tenants.

40 Torphichen Street offers 57,000 sq.ft. of Grade A office accommodation in the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre. Following a £5.5m refurbishment, a new dramatic double height glazed reception leads to 7 floors of superb open plan space, with suites available from 3,434 sq.ft.

We were already in dialogue with Soluis, who we knew as one of the leading providers of computer-generated visualisation and film production in our industry. At that time, we had less awareness of their growing interactive services division and broad app development capability – but following a demonstration of some of their latest innovative solutions for property engagement; we made the decision to go digital with our marketing efforts on 40 TS.

What had impressed us most was the ability to bring the multiple floor configurations to life using the augmented reality function, and this provided us with a great way to provide a familiar way of reviewing layout drawings with this extra dimension of clarity. The quality of the models has been really helpful during discussions around the proposition and the use of integrated 360 CGI views means we can talk about the leasing plans in detail as well as using the app to hold all of these interior views.

The user experience team at Soluis worked with us to design an interface for the app that looked polished and allowed anyone to seamlessly navigate their way through the various sections of information. With this centralised source of information, it has been easy to distribute among the team here to ensure they always have access to the correct information. It is also accessible for our clients to download via the Apple App Store and in effect, it has proven much more convenient than a traditional printed brochure.

When we had the launch event, it was effectively a party organised on the top floor with two of the lettable floors below containing a series of augmented reality trackers on the floor that let people use the app and explore the details of the scheme in small groups. This proved popular with our guests which consisted of a large number of company executives who could really see the benefit in the immediate visual representations and access to key information this type of platform can offer.”

The app works on current iPad models [4/Air/Air 2 & Pro] and can be downloaded via the following link if you would like to give it a try:

40 Torphichen Street – Edinburgh on the App Store