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Thank you to those who joined us at the immersive visualisation showcase we hosted in conjunction with KI on the 13th of June.

It was great to hear about the extensive interior design work happening across different sectors and how project teams and their clients will benefit from improved visual interaction.

A focus of the evening from our side was how a more coordinated approach to visual engagement can improve not only the quality of traditional media outputs for visualising interiors – such as CGI and animation; but also how this provides an accessible route to more engaging forms of interactive presentation. By virtually generating interior environments in this manner, we can support a far more scalable set of presentation options that increase the involvement of relevant stakeholders and ensure clarity at each stage of the process.

Amongst the projects demonstrated on the evening to highlight the impact of this approach – we had several commercial workspace examples along with a recent student accommodation project. In each case the virtual environments supported a range of digital media as well as a range of mobile apps and immersive digital reality functions.

The interactive mobile app produced for the IconInc – Gravity scheme in Lincoln proved extremely popular. Alongside the VR tours of the student accommodation, the AR-enabled mobile app highlighted the level of sophistication possible in a sales tool that comfortably integrates all the online media with the interactive content.

Find out more about our work on this project.

We also demonstrated the same approach on a smaller scale for One Smart’s Place, where the aim is to take the concept of CGI and move it up several levels so that people can experience the space in several different ways.

The app produced for One Smart’s Place acts as a portable sales presentation platform and harnesses a series of interactive 3D floorplans alongside a series of high-quality immersive CGI views that bring clarity to conversations with any prospective tenant.

As the ultimate method of visualising and removing the perceived constraints of technology, the Reality Portal™provides the ideal format for a virtual tour of any property. By removing all perceived barriers – technological or otherwise – people can continue to converse naturally with a full appreciation of the space and the detail in its proposed fit-out.

As the one thing we couldn’t bring along to the KI showroom, we are extending an invitation to join us in our Immersive Reality Suite in Islington, where you will have the opportunity to experience one of our Reality Portals first-hand. Please get in touch and we would be happy to book you in for a visit when convenient.


As you will remember we had taken a Matterport scan of the KI showroom, check out the scan below.

By combining these solutions – we can revisit the KI showroom from our own premises using the Reality Portal; the perfect solution for real estate tours of distant locations!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the future of visual presentation in this field and if you have any specific questions or requirements in relation to your own projects.

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