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Today we are joining RIBA and industry leading experts to speak about how cutting edge technologies are being driven by the built environment to meet customers’ needs. RIBA recognises that architects want to deliver great design to clients’ specifications and offer solutions that embrace new technology – but how do we get there? These talks hope to keep the conversation going.


In this session our CEO, Scott Grant shares his vision for the ways in which visualisation should transform design dialogue in the post-COVID-19 era.
For over a decade, we have continually broadened our scope of service to include a range of platforms and media production techniques. The aim has been to challenge the long-established norms of architectural presentation and provide a transformative approach that offers a broad range of traditional and experiential visualisation services that cover everything from high-quality CG images/animation to fully interactive and immersive digital reality simulations.
The new world of visual engagement is very different from the established methods; which provide heavily curated abstracts of design information and replaces it with a coordinated asset pipeline of virtual environments that enable interactive engagement at any stage of the process. This  provides the ability to put any project stakeholder within the proposed design (or elements thereof) with the aim of reducing doubt, disputes and ambiguity from the design development process.
Experiential visualisation is more than the ability to present design concepts in their best light – it has the potential to change the nature of dialogue with all project stakeholders, and can impact everything from planning to scheme marketing.