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With evolving technology changing and defining the world of work, it is vital to invest in the skills required for a workforce to stay at the forefront of these developments.

We are passionate about supporting the next generation through creative and digital expression, allowing skills and opportunity to be passed on and developed further with fresh new minds and ideas.

Our sponsorship with City of Glasgow College’s Digital Innovation Hub, creates a strong bond with the next generation of digital visionaries, driving ambition and building relationships.

The ongoing partnership offers continued support with hands-on training for students at our studio in Glasgow, providing opportunities for students to utilise and visualise their still sets being used in the world of work with no limits or creative boundaries – this week we welcomed two students, Malcolm and Erik into our team.

“The partnership with Soluis brings an extensive range of benefits to the students, the Digital Technologies department and the College as a whole. The students have been offered an opportunity where they can see the application of their studies in a quality real-world environment. This has helped to focus the students not only on completing their work but on producing work to a quality that they see is necessary to find employment. They are seeing first hand how rapidly technology is developing in their sector thanks to the input from Soluis and are appreciating how adaptable their skill set has to be to find employment in this sector” 

Douglas Liddle, Curriculum Head – Digital Technologies

By creating opportunity and tailored training and studio experiences, we aim to provide invaluable insight, sparking the creativity of the next generation, leading to skill sets being shared both ways, from Soluis to student and student to Soluis – defining the future of visualisation.

 “Students across a range of disciplines, from 3D Computer Animation to Computer Games Development are able to see first hand how the skills they are learning are relevant to a wide range of employment opportunities in an exciting and fast-moving technological environment. Their eyes are being opened to future possibilities. As a department, being able to embed industry contact at an early stage through our partnership helps motivate and enthuse the student body. This, in turn, helps drive attainment and success. Having Soluis partnering on our Digital Innovation Hub helps us to provide resources to the student body that allow them to push their work beyond the average. As a College, the world-class ethos we adhere to is reflected in the quality of partnerships. Working closely with a company such as Soluis is recognised across all levels of the institution, fully endorsed by Principal Little. Working with successful companies breeds success among the student body, as can be seen, both with their HN qualifications and with WorldSkills competition success.” 

Douglas Liddle, Curriculum Head – Digital Technologies

 After sponsoring the prizes for the City of Glasgow College digital showcase at the beginning of the summer, this week we welcomed two of this year’s prize-winning students, Malcolm and Erik for their week work experience.

The students are working closely with our Real-Time team on a project tailored to their skill sets and future ambitions ensuring they receive an insightful week of invaluable experience that will allow them to develop and progress in their personal and professional goals.

We can’t wait to see what they have come up with.