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This week we will be in Amsterdam for The World Architecture Festival – the world’s largest, live, inclusive and interactive global architectural programme and festival.

Within the Festival Hall we will be creating an immersive zone featuring our latest architectural visualisation projects shown in our walk-in Reality Portal™ which offers a genuine shared experience for designers, developers & all other project stakeholders.

This will allow visitors a truly unique way to review architectural presentations,  a fully immersive experience in 180º that gives everyone the same experience with a  direct focus on the subject matter at 1:1 scale.

Each day we will also feature work from Steven Chilton Architects and Pilbrow and Partners that has been shortlisted as part of the prestigious WAF Awards.  

Visitors will also have the chance to explore detailed immersive environments Oculus Go, our latest augmented reality overlay masterplan model and our AR ‘Magic Door’ and ‘Magic Windows’ for interactive views of developments before they are built. 

Stop by stand B150 in the Technology Hub if you are attending – or feel free to share this with any of your colleagues or contacts who may be at WAF next week.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration at one of our Immersive Reality Suites in the UK contact us at